What People Are Saying About Jobs in LTC:

I just wanted to let you know how pleased we are with the response we are getting to the ads we have posted on your website.

We have had numerous candidates submit their resumes and they have all been appropriate and viable candidates, i.e. they have specific industry experience. I can't tell you how refreshing it is to post an ad and not have to sift through tons of "wannabe's or people with no industry experience. Yours seems to be the only job posting site that is visited almost exclusively by industry professionals.

We also appreciate your personal attention in terms of quickly posting our positions, giving helpful hints, etc. You truly "partner" with your advertisers instead of just taking down orders.

...from the Western US (national recruiter)

Please remove the position as it has been filled. It has produced a shockingly high interest and we have been flooded with candidates...

...from the California (regional snf)

As always, thanks for your great service.

...from the Oklahoma (regional snf-alf)

The position has been filled and we have been getting a terrific response from across the country.  ...most seem quite open to go to the rural areas ... as well. It?s been a big surprise.

...from the Carolinas (ALF)

Thank you for your service ? I appreciate quality customer service.

...from the New Mexico (regional LTC company)

...with a significant portion of that success due to JobsInLTC and you. I have placed several people in both Administrator and DON positions. I greatly appreciate your support and ideas.

...from the Midwest (regional LTC company)

Well I do so appreciate that... I've already received a response on it this morning...yeah!!

...from the Pennsylvania (SNF-ALF Company)

I placed her in Florida...YEA!!!

...from the Florida (National Recruiter for SNF-ALF)

I wanted to thank you again for spreading the word on me. I have had several recruiters call me and I know it is because of your good word.

...from Connecticut (DON Candidate relocating to Florida)

I appreciate the customer service!

...from Texas (HR Director of multi-family SNF operator)

Been getting a lot of action from the website... THANK YOU!!!!!

...from New Jersey (Recruiter for LTC Company)

When customer service is foremost in a company's management technique time after time, accolades should be given to that company and their employees. Quality candidates, quality jobs, and quality customer service..........a winning combination. With their help, we have placed candidates in a matter of days from the time the job was open. A great example of how a company should be operated.

...from Georgia (HR Director for national LTC Company)

The ads look great, thank you for your editorial intervention.

...from Michigan (CCRC HR Director)

Thank you so much for the opportunity to advertise on your website. I have found the website to be a great source to attract talented candidates for my open positions. Recent feedback from candidates I work with has revealed an increased awareness of your site. I would recommend you and your site, without reservation, as a great resource as a candidate, client or agency.

...from Florida (National Recruiter for SNF's-ALF's)

THANKS!! Hey, guess I should have gotten some postings to you sooner....I've already had one faxed resume and one phone call as a result of the postings so I know you must have already put them up...I am impressed!

...from the Midwest (national recruiter)

..thank you so much for providing me with the resumes of so many well qualified candidates on such short notice. You really came through! I'm not used to that kind of service. And there's no question that your pool of applicants were all extremely well qualified and exactly what we wanted.

...from Montana (SNF-ALF provider)

I REALLY, REALLY appreciate you keeping an eye out for these folks.

...from Indiana (SNF)

What a wonderful website and service.

...from Texas (DON candidate)

We have appreciated working with you and look forward to another great year.

...from California (SNF)

I wish to sincerely thank you for having a website that is so informative and useful!!! Until your website, searching for an administrator position was frustrating and overwhelming. Your site makes job searching fun and easy. Please keep up the wonderful work. It is greatly appreciated and needed.

...from Massachusetts (Executive Director candidate)

I got a lot of interest. THANKS.

...from Virginia (National Recruiter)

We are still thrilled with the the responses we've gotten....

...from Ohio (National Recruiter)

I thought was the best out there but you have changed my mind.

...from Chicago (DON candidate relocating to Northeast)

Getting good results!

...from Washington (SNF-ALF recruiter)

Wow! Thanks for the quick response!

...from Midwest (SNF-ALF recruiter)

He contacted me in response to seeing me on your website!

...from Illinois (National Recruiter for SNF-ALF Company)

We continue to get good response from appropriate candidates.

...from Colorado (National Recruiter)

You make me look good! I have already received three responses to the Administrator position.

...from California (National CCRC Company)

Thanks so much. We are new to your website but liking it a whole lot. I got an email response to the position before I even knew it was posted.

...from California (National recruiter)

Jobs In LTC.com offers to the long term care industry another vehicle by which to find qualified candidates. I have been very pleased with the quality of candidates presented to me as well as the quality of candidates who have answered my job postings. I would highly recommend this site to others.

...from Texas (regional LTC company)

Thank you! Your website has been very helpful.

...from New York (HR Director)